Why You Should Consider Jenny Craig

detox dietJenny Craig is a reputable, well-recognized company that has been helping clients achieve their weight loss and weight management goals since 1983. The Jenny Craig program helps clients to not only focus on losing weight, but also how to eat healthier and incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. Learning how to live a balanced, active lifestyle is essential to maintaining a desired weight and increasing energy and confidence. Designed by registered dieticians in collaboration with an advisory board consisting of healthcare professionals, clients of Jenny Craig can be assured that they will receive sound, scientifically-based weight management advice.

The goals for clients of the Jenny Craig weight management program are to create a healthy, balanced relationship with food and meals, increase physical activity, and learn to utilize cognitive thought strategies towards controlling their weight. An emphasis is placed on becoming capable of differentiating between emotional and bodily hunger cues. When actively involved in the program clients can expect to lose about 1% of their body weight or one to two pounds per week although results are dependent on the individual’s body type, activity level and caloric consumption. Meals involve a combination of Jenny Craig’s food marketed as Jenny’s Cuisine® and food that you personally provide.

Jenny Craig features multiple plans and options to support a variety of consumers. Initially a potential client decides whether a local centre or at-home is most appropriate for their situation. With over 650 centres located across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico you are certain to find a location convenient to where you live or work. The In-Centre plan allows for a weekly one-on-one consultation to discuss progress and evaluate what areas need improvement as well as offer helpful tips and motivation to continue towards your goal weight. At the weekly meeting a client will bring home their menu items for the coming week. Jenny Craig At Home provides clients the same level of support and motivation expected of the In-Centre plan but in the convenience and privacy of your own home. Weekly phone consultations will occur to discuss food, exercise and challenges with a knowledgeable, experienced weight management consultant. This plan allows for direct delivery to place of residence of the Jenny Craig menu items to incorporate into your personal program.

Initially Jenny Craig mainly provided services to female clients. However, the program’s success has allowed for further expansion. Specialized plans currently available include Jenny Craig for Men, Jenny Craig Silver, Jenny Craig Type 2, and Jenny Craig for Teens. The plan for men creates a program aligned with goals specific to males while Jenny Craig Silver shows older clients how to fulfill their nutritional and activity needs on a daily basis. The Type 2 plan was specifically created to address the special dietary needs of individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and Jenny Craig for Teens helps children 13-17 years old learn how to safely lose weight during an important developmental period. Given that Jenny Craig has demonstrated decades of success stories through the weight management programs it offers, potential clients can feel confident that they will achieve and exceed their goals with the support of Jenny Craig.

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