What is health?

Health is a metabolic efficiency; nobody in this world is totally healthy or totally sick by birth. It is always up to the individual whether, I want to look well or not. In recent years health care become a social, complex issue that I almost difficult to understand. Health is not a phenomena, it is a living style by a person that leads him towards the start of the good life. Moreover, health is not just related to our physical appearance but it also takes control on our mind, like the basic problem in a health issue is self-hatred, the most destructive malady to our body, it steps in our abilities to divert them and call for help from others.
What the research ethics say about health phenomena?

In a medical model of health: “health I essential for the absence of disease”. And also by the support of WHO (world health organization), the health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease”. Certainly many people turn to medication when they found their life in danger, but when they do not contain any infectious disease they always regard them as unhealthy. The idea of health is open to wide and narrow applications that can be defined positively or negatively. Many recent research project showed that good health always come in a small pack by making small changes in life.
Does health issue related to our mental tactics?

Mental issues, clearly arise from your past experiences that can harm your health as well as your abilities. Self-hatred is the basic problem, in which we hide our abilities or skills from our family and friends.
What are the health tips?

So, here are some of the basic health tips that you can follow every day without any difficulty.

* Exercise daily in the morning likes push-up, it-ups, walking or running on the track, by the help of this regular exercise it diverts your attention to other areas.
* Smoking is a bad habit, leave it.
* Take a healthy diet that is full of nutrition like foods with no artificial color or preservatives, minerals and proteins.
* Reduce tension, easy to say but hard to try, but if you want to then get out of it there are some applications that you should try like listen music, walk on a beach, read an adventurous book or any other things like cooking that can divert your mind.
* Always keep a positive point of view in every situation of your life.

What is a prime goal of good Health?

There are many articles and books related to health but the basic goal of achieving good health is to achieve a person and its personality in original and normal form, like an Arabian says this: He who has a good health has a hope and he who has a hope has everything.