What does the word “nutrition” mean?

The taking in and use of different food material to make your body healthier. The Nutrition is a three parts process that occurs to deliver different and essential ions to different parts of the cells. In a first part food is taken up in a form of liquid or solid, now in a second phase the body metabolizes the food or drink into smaller parts to gain energy for different functions in the body and also to build tissue, in a beginning of third phase the nutrients dissolve in blood and circulates in the blood stream to a different part of the body where these nutrient particles used as fuel.

Does a person need a proper diet for proper nutrition?

For a Proper nutritional diet a person has to eat enough food for energy metabolism, the diet that Is taken up by the body should contain the splendid source of calcium, excellent source of fiber with no artificial color or flavors included. Fruits and vegetables are the most fantabulous source contains low number of calories loaded with lots of minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Carrot is one of the most important food elements that is full of nutrients like vitamin A that is good for weak eyesight people.

What are the five basic food families
Five basic food families include:
  • Cereals and grain like rice, wheat and barley
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products like cheese, butter and milk
  • High protein diet foods like fish, meat, eggs and nuts.
  • Fats and vitamins enriched oil.

Grains and cereals provide a complete source of elements. It provides carbohydrates like starch and fiber.

Does nutrition come in a form of ATP in the body?

ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) is a form of energy used by the body for its function. This ATP I produced as an end product by metabolizing different nutritive elements like high carb and protein containing food. Food items that mostly contain proteins are necessary for good health. Food materials like peas and beans are the Cheap source of gaining nutrition. Particularly, butter is also the good source of proteins and fat so small quantity of this food can bring the energy level higher. There are some of the minerals are also required for the Daily nutrition diet like calcium that is a bone constructing material and also the first requirement by our body.

Are vegetables and fruits representing the biggest family for the high nutrition diet?

Vegetable and fruits are the important source of vitamins and minerals because they are very low in calories and fat. Some of the vegetables may contain an extra amount of sugar, salt or both. Fruit and fruit juices are also the main source of acquiring water in a large amount. Fruit and vegetables, always placed in a bottom of the list of acquiring energy in a low amount, which means you will have to consume a lot to accomplish the need of nutrients of your body.