The Best Weight Loss Results With Fat Loss Factor

Why do we feel Hungry ???.Basically because , when we eat (Food) , the stomach digests it , digestion , in turn gives the body , heat & energy. This process of breaking down food into smaller parts & generating energy , within the body is known as Metabolism. This energy helps us in performing our tasks & maintain our daily needs & chores. When the energy gets consumed , the body starts giving signals through Stomach , that the energy needs to be replenished, which in turn tells us to have our food. This is the way , food gives us energy & keeps us going.


Lose Weight

Now , How does Fat Loss Happen. It is not always necessary that we have food , immediately when we feel hungry.There are times when there is a prolonged gap between two meals .Here is where the fat in our body disintegrates or Burns & provides energy to us & keeps us active.

The concept of Fat loss factor was coined by Dr. Charles Livingston . He designed a three months program , wherein about 2 weeks were designed to get rid of all the toxins & body waste out of the Body & then , a comprehensive program to be followed to achieve the final weight loss or fat loss.This was known as FAT LOSS FACTOR.

This method is the best suited method for weight loss .All the reviews are GAGA about this program by Dr. Charles Livingston , Who is a wellness practitioner & a certified  Nutritionist. The best part is that , one need not starve him/herself to achieve weight loss. It is burning the bad cholesterol & strike a balance between the bad & the good cholesterol & keeping on minimizing the bad one. Finally , the fat loss factor review says that this has worked out wonders for people & is high on demand.

Fat Loss Factor

There are not one but many ways to burn fat & reduce weight. Some profess Morning jogs or brisk walk .Some say , there is no solution but to pump iron & get a perfectly chiseled body. There are so many GYMS being run by people , which promise the Sky , but does it actually happen & even if it happens, what is the success ratio. One does not expect 100 % result but yes a fair amount of success , may be a modest 60-70% could be called a success for that Business entity.

Secondly , such measures need will of steel , to accomplish the desired target.In todays world , when ,the work pressures are so high .Late office sittings , travelling to & fro work (driving pressure) leave one very exhausted to get up early & go on a jog. The sweet morning sleep on a comfortable bed is far more enticing rather than getting up & stressing out.Same is the case with going to the GYM. Suppose 10 people enroll in a gym for a three month tenure. Not more than , 4 people would last for more than a month. Some would get irregular & finally drop out. But the ones who last , would be real tough people . The success ratio should be calculated by this number of people.

But all of the ones who drop out from the above strict discipline routine look at the initially not so taxing programs.I don’t mean to say that there are no first takers of programs like FAT LOSS FACTOR program, infact , GYMS are a fancy for Mr. World’s & likes & Programs like FAT LOSS PROGRAM are for the humble ones with the ambition to only stay fit & healthy.

There is a completely different school of thought , which believes in the methods for weight loss as prescribed by Dr. Charles , who , since the very beginning take up diet control as a measure for weight loss.

The FAT LOSS FACTOR program entails a three month tenure, where first two weeks are strictly to shed out unwanted toxins & toning of muscles. The rest of the tenure is to tone the body muscles with the help of light excersises & getting back to the normal routine diet. The result , now , the body says a BIG NO to Toxins & gives us a feeling of general WELL BEING & feeling light throughout the day.We feel more energetic , right from starting the day to the closure of the day.

The FAT LOSS FACTOR diet is a diet with lots of water intake & a plenty of organic foods.Be it Organic Fruits & Vegetables , Lot’s of Olive Oil , Coconut water or REVERSE Osmosis water only.This diet helps reduce Toxins & extra Fat in the body.

The next level is the 10 weeks dietary program along with a mild set of excercises. Here the subjects are to increase their diets. They are supposed to take the maximum number of Calories early during the day & manage the rest of the day with smaller & lighter meals. Yes , one should take Liberty from the normal course of meals & routine & flaunt himself with all the things which are a taboo during the other days of the week. This rejuvenates the body as well as the mind and the body is again ready to take the next week in it’s stride.

To conclude , we can be all praises for Dr. Charles to give us a perfect recipe useful to us to shed our extra flab & maintain a normal & a healthy routine.

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