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Millions of Americans suffer from anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder that causes the person to become dangerously underweight. This condition has physical and psychological effects. Both men and women can have anorexia, but it is more common among women. People who do not understand anorexia may expect the person ...

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Famous People With Anorexia

There have been many famous people with anorexia who have died from the condition. Karen Carpenter, who died of cardiac arrest caused by anorexia, is perhaps one of the most well known cases of tragedy associated with anorexia. The case of Christy Henrich, an American gymnast, was controversial because before ...

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Girls With Anorexia

Teenage girls and women in early adulthood are at highest risk for developing anorexia. The physical effects of anorexia can cause lasting psychological issues and medical problems, especially for people who develop the disorder at a young age. Young girls are susceptible to the pressures from their peers and the ...

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