Pro Anorexia Tips

weight loss syndromePro anorexia, or pro-ana, is respect for the person with anorexia pure and simple. Not all people with anorexia are ready for recovery and recovery cannot be forced. While some pro ana resources encourage dangerous behavior, others are supportive environments that allow the person with anorexia to learn to be safe and gradually move towards recovery at their own pace.

The best pro anorexia tips address common behavior that is potentially dangerous and show how the behavior can be slightly modified to be safe. How to fast safely is an important pro anorexia tip. Water fasting is a common behavior that can be dangerous and even fatal if the duration is too long. A three or seven day water fast is much safer than a twenty-one day water fast.

Beginning to eat food after a water fast needs to be done carefully. Starting with small servings of fruit and steamed vegetables can prevent intestinal distress that can be caused by eating heavily after a fast. These types of pro ana tips help the anorexic avoid painful consequences for anorexic behavior.

One of the common pro anorexia tips is to take a multivitamin and calcium to help avoid some of the physical effects of anorexia. Even though vitamins in pill form are not as effective as vitamins from food, the multivitamin may be a safety net to help prevent illness and disease caused by anorexia.

One typical pro ana tip encourages people to drink an excessive amount of water. This is a potentially fatal pro anorexia tip. One of the leading causes of death among people with anorexia is due to a severe electrolyte imbalance. High water consumption can cause this imbalance. It would be better to drink natural fruit juice.

Some anorexic people cannot emotionally tolerate consuming the calories in fruit juice at times. If the person is struggling with this, they can dilute the fruit juice with some water to reduce the calorie intake of a glass. If they feel strong enough, they can try to use less and less water to dilute the juice until they are drinking undiluted juice.

Pro anorexia tips that encourage anorexic people not to eat are dangerous and socially irresponsible. Of course, people with anorexia will not respond to tips telling them to eat a lot or even normal amounts of food. Therefore, the best pro ana tips challenge the person with anorexia to gradually move towards better health as they are able.

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