How to burn fat by Exercising

The basics of fat burning:

The energy expenditure depends on the power output of the human body. The body normally burns a mixture of carbohydrates such as glucose and fat as fuel. How much of that depends on physical activity and whether, or what you ate recently.

If you have more energy than you use in foods and beverages, the body burns fat protein and carbohydrates, and are saved even to stimulate their daily activities, exercise even if they

This is what happens when people die of hunger, of course, the body begins to eat .Depending on your family – its genetics – and how you eat and exercise to create this energy deficit, your body to conservative and lower your metabolic rate, decide to try to keep the body weight.

Some of us seem to have inherited this tendency more than others, have their origins in the early stages of human evolution. But hunger is still working over time.

What happens to our store of food?

In time of need, the body begins to break down their own tissues for fuel. Stored carbohydrate called glycogen is rapidly depleted, and fat accumulates under the skin and around internal organs. Muscle proteins to glucose, so that your brain is working diligently to create and broken.

Food sources:

Fat and glucose are the two main sources of body energy. The fat that you know well occurs in the oil you consume, glucose comes mostly from carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice and bread and potatoes and protein primarily through meat and beans and dairy products. The building blocks of amino acid in protein-rich foods can be converted to glucose in case of emergency.

Your body is always burning a mixture of glucose and fats only the excess contribute to weight gain by storage.

The fat burning zone:

You may have noticed that some bikes and treadmills in the gym is an option that says to have “fat burning zone”, an adaptation of the intensity or speed is implied. The reason for this is that the body has a higher proportion of fat at a slower pace (or after 90 minutes of training) is on. The range of fat burning, low-velocity zone is quite a ride, and here’s why.

While you burn your calories, your fat is still burning slowly. It depends on the speed or intensity. It is up to the amount of energy it uses in its entirety.

For example, if you compare the exercise in a slow pace that fat by 60 percent and 40 percent glucose and a greater intensity or duration that only 30 percent fat and 70 percent glucose burns, you can still burn more fat more.

Strength training is better – right?

Muscles burn more of fat. Strength training is increasingly recognized as an instrument seen the fat-busting, because they say some experts, which burns extra muscle more fat than the body at rest to burn when you develop that is more muscle and more muscle, the ratio of fat before you must more energy and stored fat as a result.

That is true, and it has demonstrated in metabolic studies. However, the differences are not as dramatic, perhaps in a few dozen calories per day for every pound of muscle increases for most people.

Does that mean you should not worry about strength training problems? Of course not, because weight training is for the health and productivity advantage, not least of which is muscle.

It’s just that this advantage was somewhat exaggerated, and we have as good as the burning of fat, in order to develop the best programs for weight reduction and performance.

Strength training has many great things in his favor, that I am a big fan – increased strength, more muscle and body shape, better balance and bone density and enhanced features in all facets of human movement. But let’s be honest, we all need training and aerobic or heart. It has its own set of major functional benefits, general fitness, the elastic arteries, heart and lung function and lower blood pressure; a few advantages include the names.

Can lift weights; run to get the zone of exercise intensity over 75 percent of the cost of a surfboard, but only for short periods. There is a constant effort to be steady and do not generally burn as much energy as a good run on the treadmill, bike and row machine at a moderate pace.

1. Run at 8 minutes and one mile pace (5:00 min / km) – burn 852 calories (kcal)
2. Weight lifting, weight vigorous, free or machines – burn 409 calories (kcal)

I have tried these activities with the efforts to establish a valid comparison line. Each time you surprised me raise these numbers, because I, and do weights, and sometimes I feel much more relaxed after a race in his favor in the gym. However, the figures always equal to a power machines are reliable. Sustained aerobic still about double the performance of the weightlifting spend in a similar comparison. You can see this, cardiovascular sessions are important for fat loss.

Should I burn more fat exercise before breakfast?

The answer is “not necessarily” because even if you burn more fat with an empty stomach, in the end he will probably make a big difference, because the energy consumption and expenditure and balances metabolism more or less, during the period of 24 hours. What really count is the total energy consumption and costs, how much you eat and the amount of movement and movement in general.

Note, however, since it is up to the scientific investigation of how long food handling can help you lose fat is not true. One thing that seems clear is that people who eat breakfast maintain weight better and faster fat loss, do not skip breakfast.

So where are we with our project in fat burning?

Here is a summary.
Build muscle with weight training. Additional muscle will burn more energy at rest, if only slightly. This is the metabolic rate at rest or muscle. Extra muscle also burns more of fat in the active phase of active metabolism, if you like, if you have more muscle.

Try high-intensity cardio

The high intensity exercise, when to rev even over short distances mobilize your metabolism and obesity in the post-exercise. Do some high intensity as well, but do not overdo it, because burning fat is a long term project and would not “burn”.

A program of group exercises, as a kind of spin could meet this strong demand. In fact, I recommend group classes of spin, in which she asked to have to drive fast, but with the option to reduce the speed if necessary.
Strength training and cardio circuit training programs.

The combination of weights and cardio in a session interval circuit is also an excellent approach to burn fat.