Healthy Eating Menu

Did you know that you can really drop weight if you abide by the right healthy eating menu? Here’s the difference between people who have lost weight, get results and people who don’t. It doesn’t mean that you have “stubborn body fat,” and it doesn’t mean that you will forever be “overweight,” because your body won’t allow you to lose weight. You know what it comes down to; self discipline and awareness. The awareness that you can lose weight comes from actually doing it. If this is something that you actually want then you will be able to lose all of the weight that you want but you will have to want it bad enough. Your want should overcome your fear and the fear comes from things changing. Remember, change is good.

You need to research what the healthy foods are and learn how to eliminate all of the processed foods that are high in sugar and carbs in your household. Maybe you’re used to eating a lot of food because that’s the way that you were raised or maybe you turn to eating when you’re feeling emotional stress or distress. What you need to do is un-condition yourself from turning to calories in your time of need. Those who work all day and still have to worry about responsibilities when they come home from work tend to overeat out of stress or they are binge eaters. Stress is the number one cause of overeating and having a weight problem.

Where to Start

In order to create this menu you will need to incorporate all of the food groups into your meals. The most important piece of information that you can take right now is this; the best way to lose weight quickly is to eat 6 small portions of food a day. No meals, just small portions. This is going to give your body the metabolism boost that it needs and it will allow your body to continue burning off the calories that you are consuming. If you need to count calories then do it – although, you will need to incorporate physical activity into this. Simply sitting in a desk at work and getting no exercise in will almost give you no results unless you are very, very disciplined on the amount of calories your body takes in.

Self discipline is the biggest factor in success. When you can master your thoughts and resist temptation then you have mastered yourself. When you master yourself then you are truly capable of accomplishing anything that your heart desires. Do you want to lose 20 pounds? You know, it doesn’t come down to having a rigorous crazy diet and extreme workout routine. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer and special foods, you need to learn some self discipline and put it to work to start witnessing the results of your own strength.

Most people do not have the will power to create their own healthy eating menu and abide by it for longer than a month. They let the stress of relationships, jobs and worrying get to them. Therefore, they forget about the goal they created for themselves and sink into petty human emotions. That’s not you, unless you let it be. All of your wants and happiness is at your fingertips but it’s up to you to tap into those and get the results that you want out of life. There are no excuses because we all work within the same 24 hours. Those who work harder will always go farther quicker and with satisfaction.