Famous People With Anorexia

anorexia_nervosaThere have been many famous people with anorexia who have died from the condition. Karen Carpenter, who died of cardiac arrest caused by anorexia, is perhaps one of the most well known cases of tragedy associated with anorexia. The case of Christy Henrich, an American gymnast, was controversial because before she died from multiple organ failure due to only weighing sixty pounds, she had been told by an American gymnastics judge that she needed to lose weight.

Not all stories of famous people with anorexia are tragic tales of how anorexia caused their deaths. Many celebrities with anorexia have made their struggle with eating disorders public. They show how people with anorexia can heal and live healthy lives. They are stories of hope.

Singer and songwriter, Fiona Apple, has spoken publically about her struggle with anorexia. She also has spoken about how being raped had triggered the eating disorder. Malanie Chrisholm, formerly known as Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls, developed anorexia while she was in the Spice Girls.

Actresses and models who have struggled with eating disorders often speak publically about eating disorders. Sandra Dee and Susan Day are famous actresses who admitted to struggling with anorexia. Susan Day also said that she suffered from bulimia as well.

Calista Flockhart admitted to having had anorexia during the filming of Ally McBeal. Sally Field and Jane Fonda have spoken about their personal experiences with anorexia and bulimia. Tracy Gold, the actress who played Carol on the TV sitcom Growing Pains, has spoken about how anorexia negatively affected her career.

While some of these personal struggles with eating disorders are well known, some are rather surprising. Anna Freud, the daughter of Sigmund Freud and renown child psychologist, wrote about her struggles with anorexia. Though it was unknown during her acting career, Audrey Hepburn had anorexia.

One example of how a devastating and life-threatening condition like anorexia can be tamed and managed is Mary-Kate Olsen of the Olsen twins. After admitting her problem and seeking treatment, she gained a positive attitude towards overcoming anorexia. She celebrated her recovery by donating some of her clothes that no longer fit.

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