Dangers In Bulimia

bulimiaSome of the effects of bulimia can be fatal. Often, the dangers in bulimia get worse the longer the person has bulimia. Some of the dangers in bulimia may depend on the type of purging or non-purging activity a person engages in to avoid losing weight.

The electrolyte imbalance associated with eating disorders is a dangerous side effect. This electrolyte imbalance can be caused by either anorexia or bulimia. If an electrolyte imbalance occurs, it can be potentially fatal.

The electrolyte imbalance of potassium is a danger of bulimia. This imbalance can lead to cardiac arrest or heart attack. Other potentially dangerous cardiac side effects of bulimia is a weakening of the heart muscle, an irregular heartbeat, and low blood pressure.

One of the dangers in bulimia patients who habitually use laxatives is a loss of the body’s natural ability to eliminate waste. The body becomes dependent on laxatives. If this happens, the person with bulimia develops chronic constipation.

Bulimia can cause depression and a risk of suicide. This is also true for anorexia. Many of the fatalities associated with bulimia are due to suicide.

One of the dangers in bulimia that can occur at the onset of the eating disorder or as the disease progresses, is a rupture of the esophagus due to inducing vomiting. A person can die from an esophageal rupture. Frequent vomiting can also cause damage to the cells of the ethos that is which can lead to esophageal cancer.

Some of the dangers in bulimia are not necessarily life-threatening, but they can affect bulimia patients for the rest of their lives. A common effect of bulimia caused by habitual vomiting is the development of acid reflux disease. Acid reflux can cause frequent heartburn and spontaneous and sometimes projectile vomiting.

Another long-lasting effect of bulimia is that changes in dental health and the condition of the teeth. Frequent bombing can cause tooth enamel to erode which can lead to a discoloration of the teeth and sensitivity to hot and cold. Gum disease may also develop.

For people who participate in excessive amounts of exercise in order to avoid gaining weight, the extra stress on the body’s bones and joints can result in overuse injuries. The person may develop chronic joint pain and damage to the cartilage and ligaments of the joints. The dangers in bulimia are evidence that this eating disorder should be taken seriously.

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