Weight Loss Syndrome

Weight loss and wasting syndrome are two AIDS-related complications, if not treated properly, can be life-threatening. Although anti-HIV therapies have helped reduce the risk of weight loss and wasting syndrome, still occurring. According to a study published in late 1997, up to 25% of HIV-positive people receiving triple therapy of ...

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Weight Loss Regulation

Any significant weight loss that a previously healthy person usually has not deliberately sought to indicate the existence of a systemic disease. Therefore, whenever you make the interrogation clinician should ask about weight changes as a loss of 5% of body weight in a period of six to 12 months ...

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What is health?

Health is a metabolic efficiency; nobody in this world is totally healthy or totally sick by birth. It is always up to the individual whether, I want to look well or not. In recent years health care become a social, complex issue that I almost difficult to understand. Health is ...

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