Bulimia Tips And Tricks

bulimiaBulimia tips and tricks to help the person who is working towards recovery from bulimia to the successful. Bulimia tips and tricks can also help reduce the risk of dangerous side effects of bulimia if the person in recovery has a relapse.

Some important bulimia tips and tricks help reduce the urge to binge and purge. Stopping the cycle of binging and purging is crucial for recovery from bulimia.

One bulimia tip is to avoid allowing yourself to get too hungry. When a person becomes extremely hungry, they are at risk of overeating. For people with bulimia, this could mean that excessive hunger can cause an urge to binge. It may be helpful for someone recovering from bulimia to eat several small meals a day and to avoid skipping meals.

When a person as a craving for a particular food, they may avoid giving into that craving if they regard the food as bad or forbidden. However, denying cravings can cause a sense of restriction or deprivation which can lead to binging. It would be better for the person to focus on controlling the amount of the food they crave that they eat.

Eating a small portion of the food they crave can satisfy the craving and reduce the risk of binging. Preparing a salad or other healthy food to eat with the small portion of food that they crave can help increase the sense of satisfaction and eliminate the desire to binge.

Taking vitamins including a potassium supplement can be very helpful in reducing damage to the body when binging and purging. However, it would be better to eat a variety of healthy foods since the body can extract vitamins and nutrients from food easier than it can from pills.

Because bulimia can cause dehydration, the person should get into the habit of drinking plenty of water. Excessive amounts of water should not be consumed since it can actually increase the risk of electrolyte imbalances. Besides drinking water, other ways to stay hydrated and include eating fruit and drinking fruit juice.

One of the challenges of overcoming bulimia is learning to correct harsh, distorted, and negative thinking. People with bulimia tend to be very perfectionistic and self-critical. Many people with bulimia also struggle with depression. With the help of a therapist, the person with bulimia can learn to cope with any distorted thinking and replace negative thoughts with realistic ones.

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