Anorexia Tip And Tricks

amorexia nervosaAnorexia tip and tricks can be used by anyone who feels the need to lose weight. People with anorexia engage in behavior that encourages weight loss. Of course, people who are dangerously underweight need to work towards better health since the effects of anorexia can be fatal.

For people who have some weight to lose, anorexia tip and tricks can be helpful. Here are some common anorexia tips and tricks:

-Eat in front of a mirror.

-Fix your lipstick exactly like you like it. You’ll be less likely to eat and mess up perfect lipstick.

-Brush teeth often. Having a clean mouth discourages eating.

-Take cold showers and drink cold water often. The body will use calories to heat the body.

-Make a scrapbook of women who are your ideal size and resources like pro ana websites.

-If you feel the urge to eat, do something gross like cleaning the toilet or cleaning the litterbox.

-Eat slowly. Do not eat while watching television.

-Drink herbal teas, water, juice diluted with water, and sports drinks.

-Take a multi-vitamin every day.

-If you start to binge, pour too much salt on the food to sabotage the binge.

-Eat more vegetables instead of high calorie foods.

-Bake, boil, or broil your food. Frying adds too much fat.

-Keep a food diary to see what you have eaten.

-Add fiber to your diet. Fiber helps make you feel full and promotes weight loss.

-It is better to eat several small meals than to eat three regular meals each day.

-Exercise is necessary for healthy weight loss. It also helps reduce sagging skin if you lose a lot of weight.

-Eating in the morning is the best time of day. Breakfast boosts the metabolism.

-Eat celery if you get the urge to snack. Celery is a negative calorie food that takes more calories to digest than what it contains.

-Peppermints can reduce the appetite.

-An occasional fast can help. A water fast should never be done for longer than twenty-one days. Often a three to seven day water fast is enough to boost weight loss. Start eating regular foods slowly at the end of a fast.

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