Anorexia Diet Tips

amorexia nervosaPeople with anorexia often share anorexia diet tips to encourage each other to lose weight. While encouraging someone with anorexia to lose weight puts the person in danger of the medical and emotional signs and symptoms of anorexia, some of the anorexia diet tips may not be bad as general diet tips.

Though many people with anorexia drink excessive amounts of water which puts them at risk for a potentially fatal electrolyte imbalance, drinking ice water can help burn calories. The body has to burn a few calories to heat the water to body temperature. So, if a person with anorexia normally consumes too much water, but reduces their water intake and drinks ice water instead, then they could avoid the danger of the electrolyte imbalance.

Another anorexia diet tip is to substitute fruit juice or diluted fruit juice for some of the water. By drinking fruit juice or fruit juice mixed with water, the person with anorexia could still feel in control of their caloric intake and help prevent the electrolyte imbalance.

Chewing food and spitting it out is a common behavior of people with anorexia. If someone who is concerned about their weight struggles with food cravings, this may be a solution to dealing with strong cravings for unhealthy food. Chewing cake or other sweets then spitting instead of swallowing may be a temporary solution until the person’s tastes adjust to healthier food like fruit. Often after dieting for a significant amount of time, the tastes change and the person consuming fruit regularly may not crave sweets as often.

Brushing teeth frequently helps stop the urge to eat. When people have a clean mouth, they often think twice before snacking or eating unnecessarily. And, of course, brushing the teeth is healthy. Some people with anorexia brush their teeth four or more times a day to discourage themselves from eating.

A sympathetic doctor may be able to provide several anorexia diet tips that while they may not be the healthiest things to do in excess, they may be used in moderation as the person works towards better health as they move towards their ideal weight.

If someone who does not have anorexia attempts to deprive themselves of food for a period of time before returning to their normal eating habits, the person can actually gain weight as soon as they return to their normal diet or even a diet more sensible than they had previously. This is because during that period of starvation, the metabolism slows down considerably.

Upon returning to regular eating, the body will burn less of the calories and store more of the food as fat than it did prior to the period of starvation. Therefore, deprivation or starvation is not an effective anorexia diet tip.

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